Delighted to find the 913 d3 driver -

Let me remind you a good driver which named 913 d3 driver while a lot of people are focus on the 915 driver. We can expect the new babies this month. The 913 d3 driver is released two years ago. It’s an excellent performer in just about every category.The solid feel and sound at impact, the great distance and flight control are loved by a lot of golfers.

The Titleist 913 is a tweaked version of the 910. The biggest change is going to be the increased forgiviness which means overall more distance. The 913, like the 910, features a glossy black crown and a black face with red accents. The titleist 913d3 driver 10.5 stiff has a 445cc head and is geared more towards those that prefer to work the ball. Unlike its predecessors, the 913 series models now provide the same launch and spin characteristics for better fitting. Titleist have increased the speed of the face so that you get around 2mph more ball speed from toe hits and just over 1% for low on the heel. Another positive is the sheer number of shafts available as custom-fit options while Titleist’s SureFit

It certainly doesn’t deviate far from the traditional looks that they have presented in previous versions. Golfers can also control the weight and shot trajectory by altering the removable weight in the back of the club head. With a thicker middle and progressively thinner edge, the forged face insert is designed enhance the club’s overall performance. It will take some time to dial in your optimal position, but when you do, the callaway big bertha alpha driver 9 regular really performs well. Many believe it’s as good as it gets—traditional, classy design without undesirable bling.

The ball flight had a controlled curve back to the center. There’s nothing that will kill distance more with a well struck ball than to much spin. Pair a lower spin with the right launch angle and most golfers will hit taylormade sldr driver 9.5 regular the ball further. Contrary to what some think, the head has much more effect than the shaft in reducing spin rates. Only the launch angle was slightly on the low side, with the other numbers being perfect. The crack at impact offered a less muted sound than the previous version, and while it was not anywhere near the metallic offerings that some have out right now, you know you made contact and more so, where that contact was.

The 913 is actually one of the most forgiving drivers in the market so we feel the D3 should be considered by all single figure handicaps at least as you will not be disappointed. You will be definitely delighted you found it.

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