Cavity Back 714 Irons make better player better -

The titleist 714 CB Irons are recommended for low-handicappers. These irons are outstanding and providing maximum shot control and enhanced feel through the turf. They are aimed at the accomplished player who like a compact head with some forgiveness.

Forged from 1025 carbon steel, the new titleist cb 714 steel irons feature constant blade lengths with minimal progressive offset for maximum workability. It also features an optimized shallow cavity-back design with an inner cavity muscle behind the impact area for solid blade iron feel. A squarer leading edge promotes a square set-up and a new hosel plend creates less visual offset. Stronger lofts through the set. The slightly thicker topline and larger sole make the club much more forgiving. They are more playable design because of the specially designed cavity back. In addition, Titleist has made the sole more curved from the leading edge to the back of the sole.

The big difference is in the sole that has been improved with a smoother sole width progression and an increase in the camber of the sole in the short irons. Titleist also designed the transitional portion of the heel area where the leading edge blends into the hosel (known as the par area) to be smoother and straighter so the hosel appears to flow more directly into the head. Precise CG locations and traditional tour lofts deliver the proven ball flight, CB irons feature a shallow cavity-back design with an inner cavity muscle behind the impact area for solid blade iron feel. The scotty cameron newport putters club heads feature an elegant satin finish which are preferred by many tour players and the superior appearance with a thin top line and a rounder profile for a classic but contemporary look.

I was actually surprised how forgiving the cavity back performed on off-center hits. In addition, I enjoyed the heavy feel of the irons with a D2 swing weight. The Titleist 714 CB Forged Irons set simply and elegantly performs great. The squarer leading edge sits nicely behind the ball and the top line isn't too thin that it puts me off. In a nutshell, if you’re a ball striker, you will be able to work these clubs any way you want. These ping i20 graphite irons will provide supreme workability. The longer irons do look compact for their size compared to the Titleist 714 AP2 irons, but I could see a lot of better players blending the 7-iron to P wedge from the CB range into the AP2 set.

Overall the Titleist 714 CB irons are a very good cavity back forged iron for better players who like the precision of blades but with a little more forgiveness.

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