What improvements we can see from diablo edge to apex pro -

The diablo edge irons has been in the market for a few years. It is one of the best irons from callaway in the past. The apex pro forged irons are the latest model in 2014. Callaway has made a great progress on the new irons. What improvements can we see?

The Callaway Diablo Edge Irons were released to the golf world in late 2009, and are designed to be game improvement irons that will particularly appeal to mid and higher handicap golfers. What impressed most about this game-improvement set was the shot dispersion, regardless of the type of strike. The callaway diablo edge graphite irons bats also boast a 360° undercut cavity behind the face which maximises perimeter weighting in the head – this means that if you get the ball nearer to the edge of the club than the middle, there will still be a good, solid result. It features stainless steel irons that are the longest Callaway has ever created. This added length provides increased distance without compromising feel or performance. Solid distance output, and mis-hits go longer than expected. No real complaints about the feel either. A few thought the feel at impact was a little muted in the feedback area compared to callaway x hot graphite irons that of some other irons, but overall, the feel was well liked. Though the larger cavity on the longer irons is there to be seen, but for the vast majority of golfers this isn't really going to be an issue, as performance is obviously what matters most.

Callaway apex pro irons feature a 1020 carbon steel forging to provide a soft, responsive feel that the best players in the world demand. Extra-wide grooves lead to more consistent spin and control. The callaway apex steel irons head has tungsten weights across the center of the sole of the 3- through 5-irons to help launch the ball. A low-stress, do-it-all club that puts you in total control of ball flight and distance. One of the very best. Sexy looking both in palm of hand and down at address. It has that traditional players look all in a forging. Overall, these seem like a great iron to recommend to mid-handicappers who want a fully forged iron but don’t want to give up the forgiveness of something more akin to a cast shovel. all business over the ball, with little offset and the cavity safely tucked out of sight; not too thin, not too meaty -- instills confidence at address. 

If you own both of the two sets, you would know that the apex irons are much better than diablo edge irons. But they aim at different level of golfers.

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